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Parking In Cranleigh


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You can park for free on the High St. (in the allocated spaces). There are also spaces between One Three Seven and the Richard Onslow (and on the other side near Lloyds TSB). These spaces are generally quite full though, so you might have to drive round a bit if you are determined to get a free space.

Sainsbury's charge 50p an hour to park in their car park - however it's pretty rare to not able to get a space in there - so if you don't want to mess about - that's the place to go.

Marks and Spencer's have a car park (down the road between Amore and the card shop). This used to be free (for forty minutes anyway), but it got so busy that M&S decided to make it a pay and display car park. But as a concession, if you spend more than £5 in their store you get the 50p refunded (the ticket has two parts - one goes in the car, the other one you have to hand in at the checkout to get your 50p back). It has got a lot easier to park here since they did this - but the car park is still very popular.