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Pubs in Cranleigh


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What is your favourite pub in Cranleigh?

There are five pubs in Cranleigh.

The Richard Onslow is in the middle of the High Street. It's very popular with locals and folks from elsewhere too. They do very good food, and have spent a lot of time and effort to make themselves what some people would consider to be the best pub in the village.
(Important Note: I think the Richard Onslow is closed until July for refurbishments to the bedrooms)

Little Park Hatch is to the east of the village, still within Cranleigh, but only just. It's a quiet pub, popular with the locals. You can find it along the Ewhusrt Road, about a mile east of the High St.

The Cranley Hotel (yes that is spelt right) is located at the west side of the village. It's name comes from back when Cranleigh was called Cranley. So as to be confused with Crawley, the village was renamed Cranleigh, but you will often see some of the older establishments and places using the old name.

The Three Horseshoes is located at the east end of the High St.

A bit further along, the road comes to a mini roundabout. The first exit is the Ewhurst Road. About a quater of a mile down this road you will find the the White Hart. They also have bed and breakfast here.