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Shopping In Cranleigh


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Cranleigh has a surprising number of shops. There are three supermarkets:

Admittedly, none of these supermarkets are huge - unlike some of the out of town ones in say Guildford, but they are pretty good. There are all located on the High St. and are fairly easy to find. If you were new to the area you might not find the Co-Op, which is located just off the High St. at the east end of the village.

Manns is very well known to the locals, and has a large stock of... well most things actually! It's been in Cranleigh a long time, and if you haven't been in there before, you'll be surprised how large it is!

One Forty is another shop that has been around for a long time - although not quite as long as Mann's.

There is a good butcher on the High St., which is very popular with local people.

There is a market every Friday.