iMicrowave Usage

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  1. When iMicrowave first starts up, the following screen appears
  2. This screen has the following controls (buttons) that are activated by touching the screen
  3. Pressing the Open Door button opens the door
  4. Touching the screen in the microwave causes the picture selection view to appear
  5. For the iPhone, this screen is displayed. You can either select an existing picture or take a new one using the camera
  6. For the iPod Touch, this screen is displayed. Because the iPod does not have a camera, you can only use pictures that have been transfered to the iPod.
  7. For pictures taken with the camera, this screen appears. You can either just select Use or move and scale, and then select Use
  8. If Pick from Albums or Pick from Camera Roll is selected, this screen is displayed. Even though it doesn't say, you can move and scale this picture
  9. Scaling (zooming) is achieved by using two fingers on the screen as shown opposite
  10. Once you are happy with the image press Choose
  11. The picture then appears in the microwave
  12. To close the door, either press the open door button, or swipe the door across to the right
  13. The door will swing shut slowly or fast depending on the speed of the finger swipe
  14. And then close. Note that you can't start the microwave with the door open!
  15. Pressing the time selection buttons causes the selected time to be displayed and the microwave light comes on
  16. Pressing start starts the microwave, while the picture spins round on the turntable
  17. Until it eventually explodes
  18. Finally, you can change the explosion timings and explosion types from the preferences screen