PhotoLevel Usage

Press the Next and Prev buttons, or click on the numbered list items to view the associated screenshot

  1. When PhotoLevel first starts up, the camera appears. Take a picture as you would do normally. Click on the text below to see the next screen.
  2. A preview of the original image is shown. At this point, you can either select Retake to go to the previous screen, or Use to preview the leveled image.
  3. A preview of the original and leveled images is shown. This is the screen if the picture is taken in landscape mode. A similar screen appears for portrait mode.
    You can save either the leveled image or both images, which also saves the original. Pressing Take New Picture lets you repeat the whole process.
  4. Pressing save causes either one or both images to be saved.
  5. Once the image is saved, you can either take another picture, or quite the application and see the full size images in the Photo application or Camera application.