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Jon Nethercott

C# and .Net

I have over 36 years of experience as a software developer. The past 18 years have been using C# and .NET.

Github Projects

You can find my public projects on GitHub

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I have written a library for the Arduino

Search for "capacitor" in the Arduino IDE libraries manager

Development Blog

My new articles can be found here. I'm hoping to add to this fairly frequently (weekly maybe). I'm quite excited about this - there has been quite a lot of progress in the last 10 years and so I'm hoping to combine nearly two decades of experience in C# and .Net with Raspberry Pis which are now capable of running dotnet core - which is going to mean that some very sophisticated projects are possible.

dev articles

Old Articles

You can find my old articles here. I wrote these round about 2014 - so they are a bit old, but there is still some interesting reads here (well I think so anyway!)

wordpress articles

Codeproject Articles

I have written several articles for the Codeproject website.

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